Diamond wire sawing is an advanced cutting method in construction and industrial applications that utilizes a wire embedded with industrial-grade diamonds for precision cutting of various materials.

What is Diamond Wire Sawing?

Diamond wire sawing is a versatile cutting method that can be used in multiple applications. It is commonly used in the construction industry to cut through reinforced concrete, masonry or metal structures.

How does Diamond Wire Sawing work?

A wire saw is a hydraulic or electric powered saw that uses a diamond encrusted flexible steel wire or cable to cut material. The beaded diamond wire is threaded through a series of pulleys attached to a drive wheel. A constant pulling force is applied to the circulating diamond encrusted wire, causing the wire to cut through the substrate.
The diamond wire sawing system can be used to cut vertically, horizontally or at any angle required. The wire length can be suited to allow cutting at virtually any depth. This versatility makes diamond wire sawing ideal for removing large concrete, masonry or metal structures.

What is Diamond Wire Sawing used for?

Wire sawing is extremely flexible and can be used for almost any application that involves cutting and removing large structures in restricted areas. For instance, wire sawing is ideal for many applications, including:
Cutting large heavily reinforced concrete structures
Concrete pipes where access may be restricted
It can also be used for various complex projects, such as modifying the foundations of buildings, bridge pier modifications, and many more.
Diamond wire saws are operated remotely making it a safe method when working in confined spaces. It is an effective technique for extracting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete like bridge sections, columns and beams.

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