floor sawing is a versatile and efficient method for horizontal cutting, offering precision and control in various applications within the construction and industrial sectors.

What is Floor Sawing?

Floor sawing is a highly efficient method used to cut horizontally arranged materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, and granite. This process involves a drive unit, powered by an internal combustion engine (Diesel or petrol) or an electric motor, which rotates a diamond circular blade. The blade, in turn, makes precise cuts in the material to achieve the desired outcome. This method is commonly employed in construction and various industries for tasks that require accurate and controlled horizontal cutting.

How does Floor Sawing work?

The key components and steps involved in floor sawing are as follows:
Drive Unit: The process begins with a drive unit, which can be powered by an internal combustion engine (Diesel or petrol) or an electric motor. This unit provides the necessary power for the cutting operation.
Diamond Circular Blade: The cutting tool is a circular blade embedded with industrial-grade diamonds. Diamonds are extremely hard and can effectively cut through tough materials.
Horizontal Cutting: The diamond circular blade is positioned horizontally and brought into contact with the material to be cut. The rotation of the blade, powered by the drive unit, allows for precise and controlled horizontal cutting.
Material Engagement: The blade engages with the material’s surface, and the hardness of the diamonds allows it to make efficient cuts. This process is effective for creating straight lines or specific patterns in horizontal surfaces.
Depth Control: The depth of the cut is controlled by adjusting the cutting depth of the blade. This feature enables operators to achieve the desired depth for different applications.
Applications: Floor sawing is commonly used in construction and various industries for tasks such as creating expansion joints, removing damaged sections of pavement, cutting trenches, or preparing surfaces for repair or modification.

What is Floor Sawing used for?

The adaptability of floor sawing makes it an essential method in various construction and maintenance projects, providing precise and controlled horizontal cutting for a wide range of materials such as:
Concrete Cutting
Asphalt Cutting
Expansion Joints
Decorative Cutting

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