Diamond track sawing is a preferred method in construction due to its ability to provide clean, precise, and controlled cuts in a variety of materials, making it a valuable technique for both new construction and renovation projects.

What is Diamond Track Sawing?

Cuts made in vertical surfaces during construction using a circular diamond blade mounted on a track system define wall sawing. This method ensures precision in creating openings for doors, windows, or vents, while also facilitating the modification or removal of sections from concrete or masonry structures with efficiency and accuracy.

How does Diamond Track Sawing work?

During track sawing, the track is fixed to the structural element being cut (the concrete or masonry surface), and the cutting head moves along this track, plunging the diamond-tipped blade to the required cutting depth. Track saw systems are powered by an electric or hydraulic unit.
Track sawing is an exceptionally safe method – the blade is covered by a guard, and the saw is controlled remotely by a skilled operator.

What is Diamond Track Sawing used for?

Diamond track sawing involves mounting a circular saw with industrial-grade diamond blades onto a track system. The track ensures precise and controlled cutting of vertical or horizontal surfaces, such as walls or floors. Powered by electricity or hydraulics, the saw is guided along the track to make accurate cuts. This versatile technique is commonly used for creating openings, cutting joints, and modifying concrete or masonry structures with efficiency and precision.

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