About petracoring

Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling: PETRA is a company specialized is Concrete Cutting & Coring, founded in 2006 and depending international equipment’s. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced in all works of concrete cutting and core drilling so they were adopted by one of the Swiss largest companies in manufacturing equipment’s for cutting & core drilling. The company recognized our workers for their skills and experience. Concrete Scanning: Scanning is a big part of what we do here at PETRA Scan and we are exceptionally proud of the professionalism of our skilled staff and the quality of our professional supervisors. We believe scanning is extremely important task in our field because the top consultants and contractors any where in the world knows that scanning process system with proper training on the equipment’s and quality supervision is the key to long term success and the avoidance of costly claims. We at Petra Scan have realized the above mentioned facts and accordingly, we have provided our technicians with the top of the line scanning devices manufactured by well known international companies including the company which has been ranked as number one in this field worldwide.